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About Cherisa Lloyd

Founder & Owner of Leandre's World
Autism Advocate

B.S. Degree in Business with a Concentration in Sociology & Social Work

A Note From Cherisa

My son, Leandre, during the first weeks of his life was always crying throughout the night. He went through many tests and various physicians continued to say he was just a colicky baby. My employer of almost nine years told me that I had a week to get back to work. At that moment I had to decide what was more important, my job or caring for my son; definitely my son!

For a short time, I received unemployment benefits while caring for my son. But, as Leandre grew I noticed different behaviors than my other children had. He wouldn't say,” Mommy or DadDad." He wouldn't say Hi or wave bye; he wouldn't even listen to simple commands that was given. I repeatedly told his pediatrician something was wrong but I was being told not to worry and it was just a phase.

My daughter came home from college and said, "Mom he may be autistic, you should have him checked." Not knowing what autistic was, I went back to his physician and demanded a referral to Birth to Three. In just a few sessions, he was diagnosed with Autism. At that moment, I wasn't scared or angry about his diagnosis. I was just eager to learn and get the help that he needed.

I had obtained another job in 2013, but at the age of 22 months Leandre got lost in my complex. While I was at work, he was sleeping with his brother who awoke to find the back door open and Leandre gone. He was found ten minutes later by a neighbor in an adjacent home. Not too long after, I went out on leave and never returned to work, I resigned.

I have been through hell and back, some money to no money, but through it all, I've managed to make a way to take care of my family and get the services that my son so desperately needs. It's been a fight but I'll continue to do all that I can to help others understand Autism. This foundation will focus on creating programs and providing assistance for families with Autistic needs.

Leandre's World will continue to provide autism awareness within our communities. Please help to continue my fight in making Leandre's World a success story for our communities.

With Patience & Love,

Cherisa Lloyd

Founder/President Leandre's World

"It's been a fight but I'll continue to do all that I can to help others understand Autism." - Cherisa Lloyd

Our Mission

Our Mission

We aim to serve and support families of children on the autism spectrum within the New Haven County.


Our Vision

To build a community that educates, reinforces, and supports families with children across the spectrum.

We Need Your Support Today!

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